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Going forward, we believe that we will continue to enjoy growth on the back of:

Increasing demand from emerging markets arising from improved hygiene and healthcare awareness

With greater awareness of hygiene and cleanliness concerns in emerging markets by healthcare professionals and the public, as well as increasing convergence toward internationally accepted healthcare standards, there is significant potential for growth in demand for disposable gloves.

Demand arising from increasing transmission risk of infectious diseases

The adoption of protective measures such as the use of gloves to reduce the risk of cross contamination and transmission of infectious diseases such as AIDs, avian flu, West Nile virus, and Ebola, is generally encouraged by health authorities and increasingly practised worldwide. This acts as a strong catalyst in the demand for gloves.

Resilience and reputation of the Malaysia glove manufacturing industry

The glove manufacturing industry is resilient to economic downturns, as gloves serve as a basic necessity in the healthcare industry to prevent cross contamination and transmission of infectious diseases. Currently, there is no foreseeable substitute for gloves and we expect Malaysia to remain a dominant player in the gloves manufacturing industry. The volume of glove production from Malaysia has also seen a steady increase since 2000.